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erica-dreams-in-colour replied to your post: I’m waiting for the day Julie blames t…

"I contributed .0002 ml of CO2 i am so sorry."

repent for your sins erica 

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deanwinchesterss said: oh okay but you still ship klaroline right? I meant “kind” and not “kid” btw lol my keyboard sucks sometimes

Oh lol definitely, never going to stop shipping klaroline. I just dont care about klaus anymore 

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Anonymous roared
Don't you ever feel just a little bad that the show isn't doing well and that it might not get a season 3? Not judging just asking

Nope not at all. It’s not the audience’s duty to like something even if they don’t just because we feel bad. It’s not for us to show pity and be like ‘i feel bad for you losers i’ll pretend this show isn’t shit so you at least get 5 seasons’. It is the writers, producers and actors duty to entertain the audience with their show and make them ‘like’ it. If they don’t, well then hard luck. 

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  1. nfinneman said: I REMEMBER.
  2. peacefulvillagefairone said: I do! It is the same as your e-mail, but you do change it quite a bit.
  3. klarolinecuddling said: I do!

lol omg it was like 2 years ago how do you guys remember that, i was just in my little corner blogging away lol

you´re welcome (: I´m kid of shocked right now I thought klaus would be your number one lol

lol yeah that was before he started weeping more than a day time soap actress. Now i couldn’t care less about him even if i tries

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Best of Stephen Amell + NerdHQ Panel

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tbh the more we frustrate Julie the more happy it makes me. idgaf about all your pain. Write a better show with more sensible characters and even 15% logic and we won’t bring them down. 

We just call it as we see it. 

  1. carolineawsome answered: Basically; Hayley and Cami are strong characters but they’re failing because Klaroliners don’t like ‘em

  2. seriouslymilady said: She said Hayley and Camille are strong women but they are not working because Klaroline fandom doesn’t like them

  3. corinthemerado answered: blamed the klaroline fandom for her failing show(s) and her unpopular “strong” female characters.

  4. nfinneman answered: blame the KCers for Hayley and Camille (both STRONG characters) not popular. Bc they show an interest in Klaus & we’re SUPER possessive

LOL STRONG. I laughed a full minute for that. Her shows and characters are failing coz they’re shit. Why doesn’t she talk about genevieve who we didnt hate ? Or enzo?

I’m waiting for the day Julie blames the klaroline fandom for Global Warming. 

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klaus, stefan, derek, katherine, lydia
  1. Lydia
  2. Katherine
  3. Derek
  4. Stefan
  5. Klaus 

Oh remember the days when Klaus would have been on top of that list?

So what did the plague do now?

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Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order

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+ pls

My first URL - Aha that was angellus08 

It was sooooooo long ago lol. No one remembers 

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