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Current Seasons of Suits, Teen Wolf and Outlander. Repeats of House M.D, The Musketeers and Modern Family.

Always looking for more shows, if you have any suggestions hit me up.

Desperately waiting for

The Musketeers. Arrow. Once upon a time. Game of Thrones. White Collar. Bing Bang Theory. Modern Family. Elementary. The Walking Dead. Sherlock. Scandal. Orphan Black and many more.


Austenland Shannon Hale and Diana Gabaldon. Vintage Klaroline Fanfiction and new Dramione Fanfictions.
Slowly making my way through Don Quixote (In Spanish)


Part II of The Choice.
Next chapter of Breath of Life.
Drabble for Klaroline69.
Should be writing more for sure


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Just so much LOLS

Everything is about DE guys. Global warming, Poverty, Oscars, your dog not shitting for 2 days? Yeah ALL ABOUT DE

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    in memory caroline and klaus are the number 1 stelena fan so how are they about delena o_O
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    Ohmygod I choked on my own spit reading the comments
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    Are people really that stupid? It’s about Stefan and Elena’s epic love you dumb butttttssssssssss.
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